When you join us, the best changes appear

To be extended, Strong, Effective, Organized and Self– reliant Trade union in Rwanda and the rest of the world

Promoting Unity of teachers in private sector, empowering them socio-economically and professionally.

Protection of members rights through negotiations at all levels.

  • Equality: All union  members   enjoy  the  same rights; 
  • Member satisfaction: tireless advocacy    for members’ benefits;
  • Solidarity:  Getting united    to raise one voice;
  • Teamwork:  Uniting our strengths and   skills for an efficient  job;
  •  Integrity: Promoting   fairness for credibility   and sustainability of the organization. 
  • Strategic objectives:
  1. To  carry  out  training  based recruitment;
  2. To   advocate  for   members’ welfare;
  3. To  promote   quality  education  in  private  schools;
  4. To   fight victimization against Union members.